Broncos 2011 Needs

Free agency priorities

Defensive Tackle

I hope they passed on taking a single defensive tackle through the draft because they were sure they could get two starters in free agency, otherwise they’ll be so bad against the run that there won’t be any 3rd downs for them to use Von Miller on.

Running Back

Knowshon Moreno can’t stay healthy and the depth behind him really, really sucks. John Fox is a conservative coach and loves to run the football, which makes sense as they continue to develop Tim Tebow long term. They’ll find a 2nd back in free agency, possibly DeAngelo Williams, who John Fox coached in Carolina.


They resigned Champ Bailey, but they could really use an upgrade over Perrish Cox. They ranked 30th against the pass and you can’t completely blame their pass rush for that.

Tight End

They drafted two, but I doubt either will be able to contribute much as rookies. They need to find a veteran pass catching tight end, even if it doing so would destroy John Fox’s soul.

Draft Needs


The Broncos ranked 30th in the league against the pass despite having Champ Bailey. Now Bailey, the longest tenured Bronco on the roster, is a free agent and has expressed desire to leave the team. Promising rookie cornerback Perrish Cox might also not be back after he was arrested for sexual assualt. The Broncos can take Patrick Peterson with the 2nd pick if they find him worth the pick and make Peterson the first defensive back to be drafted in the top 3 since 1997.

Resigned Champ Bailey 

Defensive Tackle

Josh McDaniels didn’t draft a single defensive tackle in his time with the team which is bad considering how terrible they were against the run before he took over. The Broncos were a little better in 2010 against the run, but 29th is hardly anything to be proud of. Neither are their 23 sacks, least in the league.

Defensive End

I mentioned their 23 sacks above. That will get better when Elvis Dumervil returns from injury in 2011, but across from him will be Robert Ayers. Ayers should be able to turn his career around in a 4-3 next year, which he fits much better, but Aaron Maybin should have turned his career around in a 3-4 this year, which he fit much better, and we all know how that worked. A replacement in case he fails is necessary and even if he succeeds, adding another end to the mix makes a lot of sense. Ayers’ strength is the run, but he struggles as a pass rusher, while Dumervil struggled against the run last time he played in a 4-3, though he remained an amazing pass rusher. Adding another end to make a rotation with those two makes a lot of sense.

Drafted Jeremy Beal (#247) 

Middle Linebacker

More help for their 29th ranked run defense. 

Drafted Nate Irving (#67) 

Outside Linebacker

DJ Williams will be moving back to the outside in their 4-3, but they need someone across from him. 

Drafted Von Miller (#2), Drafted Mike Mohamed (#189) 


Why yes I did just name every position on a defense. Remember, this team gave up the most yards and most points in the league last year. Brian Dawkins is getting old and they also could use an upgrade across from him.

Drafted Rahim Moore (#45), Drafted Quinton Carter (#108) 

Tight End

Josh McDaniels had a weird obsession with blocking tight ends. Nothing wrong with them, but they need a true passing catching tight end to give their offense a down the middle threat. No Bronco tight end had more than 148 receiving yards last season.

Drafted Julius Thomas (#129), Drafted Virgil Green (#204)

Running Back

Knowshon Moreno is injury prone and they lack depth behind him. Correll Buckhalter can’t stay healthy and will be 33 in October. Lance Ball and Laurence Maroney both struggled mightily when called upon to carry the load. 


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