Kendall Wright Scout


Wide receiver


5-10 196

Draft board overall prospect rank: #15

Draft board overall wide receiver rank: #3  

Overall rating: 87 (Solid 1st round prospect)

40 time: 4.41

Games watched: TCU/BaylorTexas A&M/BaylorOklahoma/Baylor


·         Elite deep speed

·         Explosive

·         Quick off the line

·         4 years of strong production

·         Incredibly productive senior season (108 catches for 1663 yards and 14 touchdowns)

·         Improved every season

·         Some production as a runner as well

·         Natural hands catcher

·         Great route runner

·         Smart receiver who finds seams in the defense

·         Adept at going over the middle of the field

·         Great hands and rarely drops a ball

·         Quick

·         Great after the catch

·         A threat to score at any time

·         Smart, hard working player with great intangibles

·         Takes the top off the defense


·         Possibly a system player?

·         Didn’t have an elite season until Robert Griffin broke out

·         Played in a high tempo, spread offense

·         Didn’t have to master an advanced route tree

·         Short (5-10)

·         Small and could be prone to injury working the middle of the field

·         Not much of a blocker

·         Can be jammed at the line

·         Could have trouble with jump balls

·         Not much of an end zone threat

·         Won’t break a lot of tackles with power and strength

NFL Comparison: Antonio Brown

Whereas Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd both look like #1 receivers at the next level, Kendall Wright doesn’t have the size to be a #1 receiver. Very few #1 receivers are under 6 foot tall and Wright is 5-10. He makes up for his lack of size with blazing speed. He’s an excellent deep route runner who caught 108 passes for 1663 yards and 14 touchdowns last season as Robert Griffin’s top wide receiver. In Robert Griffin’s scouting report, I compared him to Aaron Rodgers because of his ease throwing downfield accurately. If Griffin is Rodgers, Wright is Greg Jennings.

As an NFL player, I think a Greg Jennings comparison makes some sense, but he reminds me more of Antonio Brown. Brown was one of the few sub 6 foot receivers to surpass 1000 yards last season in his 2nd season as a pro. He’s not his team’s primary receiver, but his blazing speed makes him a great deep threat out of the slot and allowed him to catch 69 passes for 1108 yards and 2 touchdowns. He’s also very good on special teams, part of the reason why he made the Pro Bowl last season. Wright was not utilized in that manner at Baylor, but his abilities suggest he could be a good return man as well.

Wright probably won’t come off the board before in the top 10 or top 15 like Blackmon or Floyd because he doesn’t project well as a #1 wide receiver, he should still be a first round pick, in spite of his size. A comparison in terms of who he reminds purely as a prospect is Percy Harvin, a smaller wide receiver who went 22th overall to the Vikings in 2009. Wright should also go in that range. His stock starts at #19 to Chicago. Tennessee at 20, Cincinnati at 21, Cleveland at 22, Denver at 25, and Houston at 26 are all other options. Needing a young wide receiver and more receiving depth behind the aging Andre Johnson, I doubt Houston would pass on him.

He’s got the ability to be a weapon as a #2 receiver who lines up in the slot in 3 wide receiver sets, a la Wes Welker or Victor Cruz. He probably won’t be a team’s feature receiver, but he’d still be a valuable weapon. My one concern is that he’s a system player. He played in a spread style offense and didn’t have an elite season until Robert Griffin broke out. Heading into the season, he was probably a 3rd or 4th round prospect (that was my grade on him and I thought I was higher on him than most). His quick rise in conjunction with Griffin worries me.


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