NBA Mock Draft 15-30

Lottery 15-30 2nd Round


15. Milwaukee Bucks 46-36

The Bucks could use another wing player. Butler SF Gordon Heyward could probably start for this team right away at small forward and his toughness will make him a favorite of Coach Scott Skiles.

NBA Comparison: Mike Dunleavy Jr.


16. Philadelphia 76ers (via MIN) 27-55

The 76ers take Oklahoma State SG/SF James Anderson here. He was a scoring machine in the Big 12 last year, and only drops out of the lottery because of questions about his athleticism and his ability to get to the rim. He’ll give them some depth on the wings as a 2 and a 3 with Andre Iguodala, who can play both the 2 and the 3, and Thaddeus Young, who can play the 3 and the 4.

NBA Comparison: Brandon Rush 


17. Chicago Bulls 41-41

The Bulls are probably going to be looking for best available here, as they have a lot of cap room and thus their roster could look a lot different in a few months, as could their needs. Fresno State SF Paul George is raw, but he has great upside and I think the Bulls will take a high upside project here given the state of their roster.

NBA Comparison: Gerald Green


18. Miami Heat 47-35

Mario Chalmers is a solid, but underwhelming point guard and with the opportunity to take another point like Kentucky PG Eric Bledsoe, I think they’ll pull the trigger. They shouldn’t expect to get an elite point guard here with the 18th pick, but Bledsoe is a guy that can split minutes with Chalmers at the point guard position because Chalmers is not the type of guy you want playing 35+ minutes.

NBA Comparison: Marcus Banks


19. Boston Celtics 50-32

We’ve seen the Celtics many times in the past years take NBA ready prospects with good success in college. Kentucky F Patrick Patterson fits that mold and he is one of the best available. He can give them solid depth in the frontcourt as guys like Kevin Garnett get older.

NBA Comparison: Kenyon Martin


20. San Antonio Spurs 50-32

The Spurs window of opportunity is closing so I think they’ll go with a more NBA ready type guy and Texas SF Damion James is an NBA ready scorer and can play a necessary role on this team. He could play big minutes for them next year if Richard Jefferson continues to struggle.

NBA Comparison: Wilson Chandler


21. Oklahoma City Thunder 50-32

When the Thunder were still the Seattle Supersonics, they took many high upside centers, all of whom busted. However, now that they are no longer drafting in the top 10, it’s much less of a risk to take someone like that and take VCU C/PF Larry Sanders. He is a big raw shot blocker, who needs work offensively.

NBA Comparison: Sean Williams


22. Portland Trailblazers 50-32

Nicolas Batum is a solid, but unspectacular small forward. The Trailblazers will probably just take best available with no major needs at this point. West Virginia F Devin Ebanks has more upside than anyone left on the board. He’s a few things away from being a great player and the Trailblazers need a player like him, with his length and defense. He can also give them some depth inside should injuries strike once again.

NBA Comparison: Hakim Warrick



23. Minnesota Timberwolves 15-67

The Timberwolves could use another big man inside with Al Jefferson and Kevin Love and Iowa State PF/C Craig Brackins is one of, if not the best available at this point.

NBA Comparison: Channing Frye


24. Atlanta Hawks 53-29

Joe Johnson will probably leave as a free agent which means the Hawks will have to fill the hole he leaves. They could put 2009 6th man of the year Jamal Crawford into the starting lineup, but then they’d need an explosive scorer off the bench. South Florida G Dominique Jones can fill that 6th man role, or step into the starting lineup at shooting guard, leaving Crawford to do what he does best on the bench. His scoring will definitely help fill Joe Johnson’s hole.

NBA Comparison: Rodney Stuckey


25. Memphis Grizzlies 40-42

The Grizzlies chose Mike Conley over Kyle Lowry a year or so ago, at the point guard position. However, they may have prematurely given Conley full control of the point guard position as he struggled some this year. They’ll probably take a backup point guard to take the pressure off of him, like Nevada PG Armon Johnson.

NBA Comparison: Devin Harris


26. Oklahoma City Thunder 50-32

The Thunder are probably just going to take best available here as they don’t have any needs. Connecticut SF Stanley Robinson adds more youth, upside, and depth to this already talented team.

NBA Comparison: Luc Ricard Mbah a Moute


27. New Jersey Nets 12-70

As bad as the Nets are, I think they can just take best player available. Washington SF/SG Quincy Pondexter has huge upside and be their long term starting small forward over Bobby Simmons.

NBA Comparison: Mikhael Petrus


28. Memphis Grizzlies 40-42

The Grizzles take best available and get a streaky scorer in Oklahoma G Willie Warren to add some more explosiveness to their bench. If Warren can get more consistent, he’ll be a great player in this league, though his defense will probably always be an issue.

NBA Comparison: Ben Gordon


29. Orlando Magic 59-23

A point forward type player like Hedo Turkoglu fits their scheme really well so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take another player like that in New Mexico SF/G Darington Hobson.

NBA Comparison: Boris Diaw 


 30. Washington Wizards 26-56

What the Wizards lost more in the frontcourt when they blew up their roster at the trade deadline than anywhere else. They need a big presence inside. Florida State C Solomon Alabi is very raw offensively and has a long way to go before he can play extensive minutes, but he has good upside as a center.

NBA Comparison: Saer Sene


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