Robert Griffin Scout




6-2 223

Draft board overall prospect rank: #2

Draft board overall quarterback rank: #2

Overall rating: 98 (elite prospect)

40 time: 4.41

Games watched: TCU/BaylorTexas A&M/BaylorOklahoma/Baylor


·         Amazing athlete

·         Holds high school state records in hurdling

·         Michael Vick esque showing at The Combine (including 4.41 40)

·         Intelligent kid who graduated Baylor in 3 years, working on masters

·         High character, well brought up

·         Excellent leader who led the rebuilding of a program

·         Charismatic face of the franchise

·         Cerebral quarterback

·         Deserving Heisman winner as a junior (over Andrew Luck)

·         Excellent production as a junior, better than Andrew Luck (72.4%, 10.7 YPA, 37/6)

·         Won a lot of shoot outs

·         Won a lot of games his team had no business winning

·         Defining win against Oklahoma

·         10-3 record as a junior

·         Amazing deep ball arm strength

·         Cannon arm

·         Can make every throw

·         Quick release

·         Succeeded in spite of a terrible offensive line (27 sacks in 2011)

·         Able to evade pressure and scramble for big gains (over 600 yards rushing in all 3 years as a starter)

·         Looks to throw first, run as a 2nd option

·         3 year starter

·         Hard worker who improved his throwing ability mightily from 2010 to 2011

·         Gunslinger mentality (this can be a positive and a negative)


·         Lack of Pro Style experience

·         Only one year of elite production

·         Was a mere 2nd/3rd rounder before this season (one year wonder?)

·         Lacks elite accuracy (in comparison to Andrew Luck)

·         Lacks elite decision making (in comparison to Andrew Luck)

·         A tad undersized at 6-2

·         Smaller frame (6-2 223) could lead to injuries at next level given how much he runs

·         Injury history (missed most of 2009, also suffered a concussion last season)

·         Needs to learn to feel the pressure better

·         Holds the ball weird

Comparison: Poor man’s Aaron Rodgers

I’m not saying Robert Griffin will be as good as Aaron Rodgers. I’m just saying that he reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. Watching him throw deep strikes to Kendall Wright reminds me of Aaron Rodgers do the same to Greg Jennings. Both have amazing deep accuracy 10-15+ yards downfield. Both are athletic and mobile, though Rodgers didn’t ever run a 4.4. They have similar size and like Rodgers, Griffin will have to learn to slide in the NFL to avoid injuries, but like Rodgers, Griffin is a smart kid so I doubt don’t his ability to do so. They even had similar stats this season as Rodgers won the MVP and Griffin won the Heisman.

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the most polished prospect coming out of California and he fell to the 24th overall pick. Griffin won’t fall that far, but he isn’t the most polished prospect either, at least when you compare him to Andrew Luck. His pocket presence, accuracy, and decision making are things that need some work. They’re not bad, they’re just not elite.

Rodgers really benefited from 3 years on the bench behind Brett Favre. Griffin won’t get that luxury, but he probably won’t need it. I think Andrew Luck will be the better quarterback right away because he’s more polished and experienced in a Pro Style offense (he also has 2 years of elite production to Griffin’s 1). However, long term, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if Griffin ended up the better pro. Either way, I think both will be legitimate franchise quarterbacks in the NFL who deserve to go #1 and #2 overall.

When comparing Luck and Griffin, a frequent comparison is that Luck is the smart one and Griffin is the athletic one. While there’s some truth to this, I find this to be a lazy comparison. Yes, Luck is smarter. He called most of his team’s plays in the huddle or at the line of scrimmage in a pro style offense and got a 3.5 at Stanford. And yes, Griffin is more athletic. He was an all-state hurdler and had a Michael Vick esque Combine. However, both are extremely smart and athletic. Luck also had a nice Combine, while Griffin graduated from Baylor in 3 years and is pursuing a Masters.

The main difference I see between the two is that Luck has 2 years of elite statistical production in a Pro Style offense, while Griffin has 1 in a non-Pro Style offense. Griffin has elite arm strength and above average accuracy and decision making. Luck has above average arm strength and elite accuracy and decision making. Both are likable kids, winners, competitors with all the intangibles. Both will make great quarterbacks in the NFL.


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