Shea McClellin Scout


Rush Linebacker/Defensive End

Boise State

6-3 260

Draft board overall prospect rank: #29

Draft board rush linebacker rank: #3

Overall rating: 81 (1st/2nd round grade)

40 time: 4.62

Games watched: Boise State/ToledoBoise State/Fresno StateBoise State/Arizona State


·         Great motor

·         Great instincts

·         Versatile (played middle linebacker, outside linebacker, and defensive end at Boise State)

·         3 year starter

·         2 years of good production (2010: 29 tackles, 12.5 for loss, 8.5 sacks, 2011: 50 tackles, 12.5 for loss, 7 sacks)

·         Experienced rushing from a 2 point and a 3 point stance

·         Good in coverage

·         Fluid hips

·         Good burst off the line

·         Good speed off the edge

·         Relentless in pursuit of the ball

·         Hard worker

·         Team leader

·         Passionate

·         Intelligent

·         All the intangibles

·         An excellent fit as a 3-4 rush linebacker

·         Destroyed Cordy Glenn, who could go in the first round, for 2.5 sacks

·         Plays well in space

·         Good 40 time (4.62)

·         Versatile weight (248 at the Senior Bowl, 260 at The Combine)

·         Good technique

·         Good hand use

·         Great feet


·         Never had elite production

·         A bit of a tweener in a 4-3

·         Lacks the functional strength to hold up against the run as a down lineman

·         Not powerful

·         Level of competition

·         Not an elite athlete

·         More straight line fast than quick

NFL Comparison: Brooks Reed

Chandler Jones and Shea McClellin are the two late rising pass rushers who could end up in the first round. First it broke that the Packers were in love with him, but now it seems like he might not even get to them as both San Diego and New England could have a lot of interest in him. I understand the first round buzz with McClellin more than I do with Jones because I always thought McClellin as underrated when he was a 2nd or 3rd round prospect.

Right now I have a late 1st round grade on him. He’s my 29th ranked prospect and he should be properly drafted on draft day. He reminds me a lot of Brooks Reed who came out last year. Both Reed and McClellin drew comparisons to Clay Matthews, another late rising pass rusher who went to the Packers and had an immediate impact. Neither of those comparisons are quite warranted, but both make sense.

All 3 are versatile front 7 players without great size or athleticism, but great motors and, of course, versatility. Reed went in the early 2nd round to Houston, but he had a solid rookie year and should continue to be a starter in Houston in 2012 with Mario Williams gone. McClellin is an ideal fit for a 3-4 because of his experience at linebacker and his comfortability in coverage. He could also play in a 4-3, but he’s a little undersized.

The Patriots would be the best fit for him of all the 4-3 teams because they are experienced in run a hybrid scheme in 2012 and they love versatile playmakers. They also, always, build their defense around their players and get the most out of their front 7 players. Green Bay and San Diego are two 3-4 teams with interest. Houston and Baltimore could be interested as well. Chicago could be interested as a 4-3 team. He’d be a solid fit for their cover 2 based defense.

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