Stephen Hill Scout


Wide receiver

Georgia Tech

6-4 215

Draft board overall prospect rank: #27

Draft board overall wide receiver rank: #4

Overall rating: 82 (Borderline 1st round prospect)

40 time: 4.36

Games watched: 


·         Physical freak

·         Rare athlete

·         Excellent size and height (6-4 215)

·         Great speed (4.36)

·         Amazing 10 yard split (1.20)

·         Explosive long strider

·         Workout wonder

·         Big, reliable hands

·         Great body control

·         Makes highlight reel catches

·         Flashes brilliance

·         Dangerous in the end zone

·         A vertical deep threat

·         Dangerous in the open field

·         Proven and talented blocker

·         Lean and strong


·         Lack of production at Georgia Tech (28 catches for 820 yards and 5 touchdowns as a junior)

·         Not that experienced (1 year of production)

·         Raw route runner

·         Limited route tree

·         Played in a triple option

·         Projection to a Pro Style offense

·         Has some trouble with drops

·         Never saw tough coverage as defenses were focused on the run

·         More of a decoy than anything in college

·         Very raw and not NFL ready

NFL Comparison: Darrius Heyward-Bey

He also reminds me of Demaryius Thomas. I know the Demaryius Thomas comparison is a little lazy, but they’re coming from similar situations. Both went to Georgia Tech and were underutilized in a triple option offense. Both came out incredibly raw, but incredibly athletic. Thomas was more productive than Hill at Georgia Tech (but he stayed a year longer), but Hill is even more athletic. I think Darrius Heyward-Bey is a better comparison.

Hill has the type of athleticism that is incredibly rare. On pure athleticism, there are probably only a few more athletic wide receiver in the NFL. Calvin Johnson is another former Georgia Tech wide receiver who had otherworldly athleticism, though the former #2 pick overall was a much more polished player. Hill has comparable athleticism, though slightly inferior. At 6-4 215, he ran a 4.36 at The Combine with a record 1.20 10 yard split (the previous record was Chris Johnson’s 1.40). He also had a vertical leap of 39.5 inches and an 11 foot 1 broad jump.

Also at The Combine, Hill made several highlight reel catches in the drills, something he did quite a few times at Georgia Tech last season, even though he was rarely utilized (28 catches for 805 yards and 5 touchdowns). He certainly flashes at times and has the upside to be one of the top 5 receivers in the league someday. If Demaryius Thomas can become one of the most promising young receivers in the league in 2 years, Hill can do the same.

Darrius Heyward Bey has also become a promising young wide receiver, though it took him 3 years. Likewise, he could also completely bust and be out of the league in a few years. You’re taking a major risk with him, but the payout could be very sweet. He has more upside than either Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd and could be the best wide receiver in this class when all is said and done.

He’ll probably go in the first round. His stock seems to start at 19 to Chicago, who still needs another wide receiver. They had lunch with him after his Pro Day. Cleveland at 22, Denver at 25, Houston at 26, San Francisco at 30, and New England at 31 are all options. Buffalo has also shown a lot of interest in him. Buffalo has the 10th pick in the first round and while that may seem too rich for him, they’ve certainly reached for players before. They could also trade down for him.


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