Zac Robinson Scout


Quarterback/Wide Receiver 

Oklahoma State

6-2 214

40 time: 4.71

Draft board overall prospect rank: #127

Draft board quarterback rank: #8

Overall rating: 64*

1/30/10: Though he still may ultimately end up at wide receiver, Robinson showed he can throw by throwing for 175 yards on 12-21, with one touchdown and one pick. He showed a much stronger arm than he did in Oklahoma State’s offense this year, which was centered around the short pass. He really looked like the 3rd round prospect he was last year before going into this season without his top two receivers from 2008 and struggling. He really showed what he can do with a good supporting cast. 

1/16/10: Really struggled this year compared to last year, but that’s understandable as he was without his top two receivers from 2008, Brandon Pettigrew (NFL), and Dez Bryant (suspension). I don’t think he’s a quarterback at the next level, though he may prove me wrong. He’s probably better off as a wildcat or a wide receiver at the next level, a la Josh Cribbs, but he could surprise some people and turn into a decent signal caller as well.

Update (11/2/09):  Only time will tell if he’s a legit quarterback or just a slow receiver, but he’s doing a great job this year and is worth in shot in the 3rd round.

6/13/09: Zac Robinson is one of the more intriguing quarterback prospects in the draft class. His throwing numbers last year as a junior, 3064 yards passing 65% completion 25:10 TD:INT ratio, were could be not great for a spread offense quarterback and teams would much rather take Colt McCoy if they were to take a spread quarterback. However, what Oklahoma State runs is not a pure spread. Yes, they pass a lot, use the option, and make short passes, but unlike Colt McCoy and a lot of the spread quarterbacks who went on to be busts, Robinson takes the majority of his snaps from under center, instead of in shotgun. He has experience with 3, 5, and 7 step drops, although a lot more experience with 3 step drops. Also, if he doesn’t pan out as a quarterback, he has the speed and athleticism to try another position. Last season he ran for 562 yards and 8 touchdowns and the season before he ran for 847 yards and 9 scores. His frame is too small to play running back in the NFL, but he can play some receiver. His 40 is a little high for a receiver, but he has good height. He also would be a very interesting option for teams wanting to use more of the wildcat offense. I actually like him more than Pat White. White is faster, but Robinson has a much greater chance of catching on as a quarterback somewhere and Robinson is a lot bigger than White. He should be available in the 3rd round. If I were a team who can some questions at the quarterback position and could afford to take a quarterback prospect, I would rather than him that someone like Tim Hiller or Max Hall, even though those two guys are higher rater on my board as throwers, because Robinson can play another position if he proves he cannot play quarterback, but still has a very good chance of making it as a quarterback in the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Julian Edelman

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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