New England Patriots sign Joseph Addai

This deal makes a lot of sense. The Patriots top 2 backs are very inexperienced, while Addai is experienced, but might not have anything left in the tank. This deal is basically a “see what he has deal.” He’ll be brought into Training Camp and if the 29 year old back doesn’t have anything left in the tank, the Patriots can cut him and only owe him a 75K signing bonus and a 50K workout bonus. And if he does have something left, he’ll only cost them 725K over the season and provide them a decent back to an inexperienced backfield and a solid pass catcher.

Grade: A



0 thoughts on “New England Patriots sign Joseph Addai

  1. Addai is well worth the risk for the Pats to kick the tires. He is exceptional at pass blocking and QB protection. Young RBs seldom are and can end a QBs season with a single oversite. In addition his ability to read the defense will make him a great safety valve, which serves to protect the QB indirectly as well as picking up added yardage/first downs. This is another area young RBs are often lacking. And his legs and quickness are still good enough to beat LBs on wheel routes. Running between the tackles is his only average area. That and his health should be the only concerns. If he breaks down the Pats aren’t out any real guaranteed money as Addai is a “play for pay” signing. If he doesn’t make the team that only means the young backs have come up to speed and are equally good. Win/win. Go Pats!!!


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