Ravens unlikely to extend Joe Flacco before the season

Two days after the Carroll County Times reported the two sides were not close on a new deal, the Baltimore Sun is now reporting that the Ravens are unlikely to extend Joe Flacco before the season. Flacco is heading into the final year of his 5 year rookie deal and the Ravens would obviously love to lock up the quarterback who has won a playoff game in each of his first 4 seasons in the league. However, Flacco is reportedly seeking top-5 quarterback money after proclaiming himself the best quarterback in the league.

He wins a lot, but he’s had a ton of help and has never had a 4000 yard season so he’s simply not worth that much. The Ravens are giving Ray Rice, who has yet to sign his franchise tender, precedence over Flacco, who making unreasonable demands and is no threat to hold out. The Ravens will have the franchise tag available next offseason to use on Flacco and it seems like they’ll deal with him then. He’ll need to do what Eli Manning did this year to earn a top-5 contract.




0 thoughts on “Ravens unlikely to extend Joe Flacco before the season

  1. There are only kneelers at Rices gangs lockers for the coach. 4 Years on defimation of character thru the Rice groopies under a outside direction in my opinionn has caused 100% of Flacco problems, it’s all on the video. Take your blinkers off and connect the wide open DOTS. Let the quarterback come up with blood and the klan let’s it happen under directions. It’s not rough football it’s assault street gang tatics. You’ll see it only at Raven games with Rice onboard. Remember how Flacco got the Steelers win NO RICE. Comes on let’s get the real McCoy to clean this house it starts at Rices locker.Flacco got the Steelers win with Suggs receiving the ball from FlACCO. Maytbe his injuries are paybacks.The coach knows what goes in the huddles and Rice certainly issues or calls his own groopies shots definitely to defame Flacco. Maybe a stack of bibles have to be broughtout. Commissioner Bounty hunting works on a Super quarterback. Graduate at the Towson and get a real prom buddy. God Knows what’s on maybe Lewis has another GOD. Tuff but it’s my opinion.


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