Saints, Drew Brees still 2 million dollars per year apart

They’re getting closer, but according to Pro Football Talk, the Saints and Drew Brees are still about 2 million per year apart on a long term extension. According to the report, Brees is asking for 20-21 million per year, while the Saints are offering 18-19. Considering a 36 year old Peyton Manning got 19.2 million per year from the Broncos after missing an entire season and having 4 neck surgeries, Brees’ demands aren’t outrageous, even though it would make him the highest paid player in the league. While Brees is probably pointing to Manning in negotiations, the Saints are probably pointing to Tom Brady, who signed a deal worth a very team friendly 18 million per year in 2010.

Brees is still very frustrated with the negotiations and has no plans to attend mandatory minicamp next week. I would still bet on the two sides meeting somewhere in the middle with a 5 year, 100 million dollar contract with about half that guaranteed sometime before Training Camp. Still, the longer it takes, the longer the Saints are without their leader in practice and the longer they look like the bad guys in the media, an especially bad thing after what happened with BountyGate this offseason.




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