Seattle Seahawks: Week 2 NFL Power Rankings (#24)

Last week: 25 (+1)

Record: 0-1

That sound you just heard was Russell Wilson’s bandwagon hitting a pole. As I’ve said all along, Wilson is far more likely to go the way of Quincy Carter, Chris Weinke, and Kyle Orton than Andy Dalton (the only 4 non-1st round picks to start at quarterback week 1 as a rookie since 1994). It certainly doesn’t help that his offensive line and receiving corps are below average either. They’ll run the ball alright and play solid defense, but they’re going to have a hard time consistently winning games, especially on the road where they are now 11-32 since 2007.


SS Kam Chancellor: Allowed 3 completions for 21 yards on 6 attempts, 1 pass deflection, 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, 4 stops, and 1 missed tackle on 22 run snaps, 1 penalty

LE Red Bryant: 1 solo tackle, 1 assist, and 1 stop on 18 run snaps, 2 quarterback pressures on 19 pass rush snaps, 2 batted passes

DT Brandon Mebane: 5 solo tackles and 4 stops on 16 run snaps, 1 quarterback hit and 1 quarterback pressure on 18 pass rush snaps, 1 batted pass

RE Chris Clemons: 1 sack, 1 quarterback hit, and 5 quarterback pressures on 34 pass rush snaps, 2 solo tackles, 1 assist, and 2 stops on 20 run snaps, 1 penalty

RB Leon Washington: 5 yards (3 after contact) on 2 carries, 3 kickoff returns for 133 yards, 2 punt returns for 56 yards


LT Russell Okung: 2 quarterback pressures allowed on 40 pass rush snaps, 3 penalties, run blocked for 8 yards on 3 carries

RG JR Sweezy: 3 quarterback pressures allowed on 50 pass rush snaps, run blocked for 9 yards on 4 carries

WR Braylon Edwards: 5 catches for 43 yards on 8 targets on 43 pass snaps, 1.2 YAC per catch, 1 drop

WR Doug Baldwin: 2 catches for 5 yards on 5 targets on 33 pass snaps, 4.5 YAC per catch, 2 drops, 1 interception when thrown to




0 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks: Week 2 NFL Power Rankings (#24)

  1. Been a Seahawk fan since inception (1976) Heard and have seen all the hype and all the BS! I really, really believed in this young squad making a significant impact this year! This first start now NOT SO GOOD BOYS! You’ve started behind the eight ball! Come on now! Don’t do it for me or the fans or even for coach Carrol! Do it right for yourselves! Do it for your pride and all you’ve worked for all your lives! Be proud and then do it for coach, your families, the fans, me and the big bucks that comes with success when you go to the super bowl! I’m not giving up on you, don’t give up on your selves or your team!


  2. Well boy’s and girl’s it’s going to be another ho hum yr. for washington football!!!! I might have to convert and become a 49’s fan. I do not understand the coaching philosify of this team!!!!!


  3. quincy carter…. chris weinke…. with your re-re douche writing skills and your lack of football knowledge you’re more likely to go the way of Stephen Glass, than let’s say, Morley Safer.


  4. U guys are all fools, if it were not for a horrable called game the hawks would have won by at least 2 touches,that being said the o-line sucked in the first half, it seemed as a watcher that the card’s , knew what the snap count was and totaly out played our o-line, the fault is the o-lines fault more than anything, it has been in the past and is now the single worst part of our team.


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