Week 8 NFL Picks Results

Week 8 Results

ATS: 7-7 -1 unit/-$270

SU: 11-3

Upset Picks: 3-0 +490

Over/Under: 1-1 -10

Total: +$210

Public Results ATS*: 6-8 -1 unit

2012 results to date

ATS: 57-56-5 +10 units/-$395

SU: 74-44

Upset Picks: 22-21 +$1540

Over/Under: 5-2-1 +280

Parlays: 1-0 +100

Total: +1535

Survivor: 6-2 (HOU, NE, NO, BAL, SF, ATL, CHI, GB)

Public Results ATS*: 51-65-2 -31 units

*I’m doing this to see how the general public does. Based on percent of bets on each team, if the more popularly bet team covers, it’s a public win, if not, it’s a public loss. If a team that has 50-59% of the action on it covers, the public gets “one unit,” if they don’t cover, they lose one unit, 60-69% is 2, 70-79% is 3, etc.


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