Kansas City Chiefs: Week 9 NFL Power Rankings (#31)

Last week: 30 (-1)

Record: 1-6

The Chiefs have yet to lead in regulation this year. Meanwhile, when Head Coach Romeo Crennel was asked why Jamaal Charles only got 5 carries last week, he said “I’m not exactly sure.” I get that Brian Daboll calls the play, but having no clue why your best offensive player isn’t getting the ball is ridiculous. Both of them should be fired. I have no idea how Romeo Crennel got another Head Coaching job. He’s worse than Todd Haley. That’s hard to do.

And yet they’re not last in these Power Rankings. The lesser of two terrible quarterbacks is starting this week as Brady Quinn suffered a concussion, meaning Matt Cassel will make this start. I thought the decision to start Quinn was a mistake (unless the goal was to secure the #1 overall pick). Cassel was turning the ball over at an incredible rate, but that was bound to regress to the mean eventually. Right now, he has an interception rate of 4.9%, almost double his career rate of 2.5% (not including this season).

Meanwhile, they have a turnover differential of -18. That won’t continue. Not only are they on pace to shatter the record of -30 (they’re on pace for -41), a record that’s stood since 1965, turnovers differential is also inconsistent on a week to week basis, as seen here.  Even if they break that record and finish with say a turnover differential of -31, that’s an average of -1.4 per game the rest of the way, which is barely half as bad as what they’ve done through 7 games (-2.6 per game).

Cassel also offers a career YPA that was over a yard per play better than Quinn’s. Unless he continues to throw interceptions at a rate almost double his career rate and the Chiefs continue to lose the turnover battle at a record pace, they’ll look improved with Cassel under center, even if it’s only the difference between 2 and 3 wins, and unfortunately for Chiefs fans, the difference between the 1st pick and the 2nd pick. They should still be able to get the franchise quarterback they need.


LT Branden Albert: Did not allow a pressure on 45 pass block snaps, run blocked for 7 yards on 3 attempts

CB Brandon Flowers: Allowed 1 catch for 7 yards on 6 attempts, 1 pass deflection, 3 solo tackle, 1 stop, 1 missed tackle

MLB Derrick Johnson: 9 solo tackles, 3 assists, 6 stops, 1 batted pass, allowed 3 catches for 16 yards on 4 attempts

RE Ropati Pitoitua: 1 quarterback hurry on 12 pass rush snaps, 1 batted pass, 4 solo tackles, 1 assist, 3 stops


LG Jeff Allen: Allowed 2 quarterback hit and 3 quarterback hurries on 45 pass block snaps, 1 penalty, run blocked for 17 yards on 1 attempt

CB Stanford Routt: Allowed 6 catches for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns on 10 attempts, 1 interception, 1 pass deflection, 1 penalty, 4 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 missed tackle

ROLB Tamba Hali: Did not record a pressure on 26 pass rush snaps, 3 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 stop




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