San Francisco 49ers: Week 11 NFL Power Rankings (#6)

Last week: 6 (+0)

Record: 6-2-1

Under St. Louis’ write up, I made a sarcastic comment about ties. Now it’s time for a full, serious rant. The NFL’s overtime rules are ridiculous. I love that they changed it so you can’t win with a field goal on your opening drive, but they need to make a change so there are no more ties. No one wins in a tie. Both teams lose. Teams bust their ass for 75 minutes playing the one of the most physically demanding sports in America and the net result is zero. It’s like the game didn’t even happen. It’s soccer. This is not Europe! America has winners and losers! We should not have ties!!!

The NFL should just adopt college football’s overtime rules. That’s the one thing the NCAA does so much better than the NFL (that and pass interference being 15 yards instead of a spot foul). At the very least, they should do some kind of sudden death NHL style shoot out with field goal kickers. I know having an NFL game decided by kickers is less than ideal, but it does happen all the time (if Akers had hit from 41, this game would have been decided by a field goal kicker). Plus, at least we’d have a winner.


LOLB Ahmad Brooks: 5 quarterback hurries on 34 pass rush snaps, 3 batted passes, 1 penalty, 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, 5 stops

ROLB Aldon Smith: 2 sacks and 1 quarterback hurry on 35 pass rush snaps, 4 solo tackles, 1 assist, 5 stops


LG Mike Iupati: Allowed 1 sack and 2 quarterback hurries on 36 pass block snaps, run blocked for 7 yards on 3 attempts

RG Adam Boone: Allowed 1 sack, 2 quarterback hits, and 3 quarterback hurries on 37 pass block snaps, run blocked for 21 yards on 3 attempts

RT Anthony Davis: Allowed 1 sack and 6 quarterback hurries on 37 pass block snaps, run blocked for 1 yard on 1 attempt

TE Vernon Davis: Caught 4 passes for 30 yards on 5 attempts on 32 pass block snaps, 0.3 YAC per catch, allowed 1 quarterback hit and 1 quarterback hurry on 5 pass block snaps

WR Kyle Williams: Caught 2 passes for 24 yards on 3 attempts on 19 pass block snaps, 7.0 YAC per catch, 1 drop, 1 penalty

FS Dashon Goldson: Allowed 1 catch for 17 yards on 2 attempts, 1 pass deflection, 6 solo tackles, 2 stops, 3 missed tackles

CB Carlos Rogers: Allowed 9 catches for 67 yards on 9 attempts, 7 solo tackles, 1 assist, 3 stops, 2 quarterback hurry on 2 blitzes

WR Ted Ginn: 5 kickoff returns for 118 yards, 1 fumble, 2 punt returns for 23 yards




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