Seattle Seahawks: Week 11 NFL Power Rankings (#9)

Last week: 10 (+1)

Record: 6-4

Remember two weeks ago when everyone thought the sky was falling for them when they were 4-4 after losing to Detroit. And two weeks before that everyone thought they were great when they were 4-2 and coming off a win against New England. Well, now they’re 6-4 and everyone thinks they’re great following a blowout win over the Jets. What happened? They went home. This team, as always, is much better at home than on the road, going 5-0 at home with 3 upset wins and 1-4 on the road with 2 upset losses.

Now they go on the road to Miami and Chicago and could be 6-6 at the end of that and everyone will think the sky is falling for them again before they finish up by winning their last 4, beating Arizona, St. Louis, and San Francisco (in upset fashion) at home and taking care of business on the road against crappy Buffalo. 10 wins should get you a playoff spot in the NFC. The Seahawks already have the tiebreaker over the Packers. If they can win their last 3 home games and beat either Miami or Buffalo on the road, they should be on good position to win a wild card berth, go on the road in the first round, and then get sent home immediately.


QB Russell Wilson: 12 of 19 for 188 yards and 2 touchdowns, 1 throw away, 1 hit as thrown, 1 batted pass, 101.1 adjusted QB rating, pressured on 14 of 26 drop backs (4 sacks, 2 scrambles, 4 of 8, 1 hit as thrown, 1 throw away), rushed for 34 yards (19 yards after contact) on 7 attempts

CB Richard Sherman: Did not allow a completion on 4 attempts, 1 interception, 2 pass deflections, 1 sack on 1 blitz, 2 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 stop

LOLB Leroy Hill: Allowed 3 catches for 10 yards on 4 attempts, 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, 4 stops

FS Earl Thomas: Allowed 3 catches for 11 yards on 3 attempts, 5 solo tackles, 1 assist, 2 stops, 1 quarterback hurry on 2 blitzes


RE Chris Clemons: 1 quarterback hit on 30 pass rush snaps, 1 assist

DT Brandon Mebane: Did not record a pressure on 21 pass rush snaps, 1 solo tackle, 1 stop




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