Green Bay Packers: Week 16 NFL Power Rankings (#7)

Last week: 9 (+2)

Record: 10-4

Net points per drive: 0.23 (10th)

DVOA: 23.1% (5th)

Weighted DVOA: 17.3% (5th)

Green Bay is another team that I’m not sold on, but sometimes I wonder if they’re not the sleeper favorites to win the whole thing, once they get healthy, given their recent history. However, just this year, their impressive wins collection is scarce and includes a blowout in Houston, two wins over the Bears, a home win over the Vikings, and a 14 point win at home over the Cardinals. In their other 10 games, they don’t have a single double digit win despite playing Detroit (twice), St. Louis, and Jacksonville.

I think they’ll be the 3rd seed in the playoffs (either because of a San Francisco win in Seattle, or a Green Bay loss in Minnesota) and either way I think they’d lose a rematch to the 49ers, in Green Bay or in San Francisco, after beating the Bears in the first round (again). But again, the list of teams who could win the whole thing starts here.


QB Aaron Rodgers: 23 of 36 for 291 yards and 3 touchdowns, 4 drops, 1 batted pass, 2 thrown away, 111.9 adjusted QB rating, pressured on 12 of 43 drop backs (3 sacks, 2 scrambles, 2 of 7, 1 throw away)

LG TJ Lang: Allowed 1 quarterback hurry on 45 pass block snaps, run blocked for 38 yards on 7 attempts

RG Josh Sitton: Did not allow a pressure on 45 pass block snaps, 1 penalty, run blocked for 27 yards on 4 attempts

WR Randall Cobb: Caught 6 passes for 115 yards on 8 attempts on 38 pass snaps, 6.8 YAC per catch, 1 drop

CB Sam Shields: Did not allow a catch on 4 attempts, 3 pass deflections, no tackles, 1 penalty

SS Morgan Burnett: Allowed 2 catches for 22 yards on 3 attempts, 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, 4 stops, 1 penalty

ROLB Clay Matthews: 2 sacks on 25 pass rush snaps, 1 batted pass, 4 solo tackles, 6 stops

RE Mike Neal: 2 sacks and 2 quarterback hurries on 17 pass rush snaps, 1 stop


RB Alex Green: Rushed for 35 yards (30 after contact) on 13 attempts, 2 broken tackles, caught 2 passes for 6 yards on 4 attempts

LT Marshall Newhouse: Allowed 2 sacks and 2 quarterback hurries on 45 pass block snaps, run blocked for 5 yards on 4 attempts




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