Baltimore Ravens trade WR Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers

Trade for Baltimore: I get that the Ravens were going to cut Anquan Boldin if they couldn’t find a suitor via trade and given that it’s good that they got something for him, but I question the logic of cutting him in the first place. He was just as big a reason why they won the Super Bowl as Joe Flacco and Flacco, who they just signed to a massive long-term deal, took Boldin’s side in negotiating with the Ravens and supported his stand when he was asked to take a pay cut. Flacco knows he owes Boldin a ton. The last thing you want to do is upset your franchise quarterback.

I get that the Ravens needed to clear some cap room, but there were other ways of doing so (his pay cut was only going to clear 2 million, so it’s not like they felt they definitely needed to clear 6 million) and Boldin wasn’t an absolute must get rid of at his scheduled salary. He was worth the 6 million he was owed next season. He didn’t have huge numbers this year, but made some excellent catches, especially in the post-season and really had a huge post-season in general. He’s lost the ability to separate at this point in his career, but he’s never really been able to separate and his ability to make contested catches with excellent hands and body control won’t really get old.

Grade: D

Trade for 49ers: The 49ers were expected to have 15 draft picks after compensatory picks were handed out, including a bunch in the late rounds. Those late rounders were probably going to be practice squad guys at best because of how deep this roster already is, so why not give one up for Boldin? I’ve already established he’s worth his salary this season, but he’ll have a big impact for the 49ers as now inexperienced AJ Jenkins won’t be forced into a starting role on what should be a contending team once again in 2013. Also, Boldin is only under contract one more year so this move won’t hinder their ability to go after Darrelle Revis if they so choose nor will it hinder their ability to extend Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick long-term next off-season.

Grade: A




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