Minnesota Vikings trade WR Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks

Trade for Seattle: I’m going to go away from convention for this one. I don’t like this move. Percy Harvin has very good upside. We’re talking about someone who, over the past 2 years, has 1652 receiving yards on 651 routes run, which is among the most efficient in the NFL. And yes, he was doing that with mediocre quarterback play, but he was also his team’s only option and targeted relentlessly, which won’t be the case in Seattle. He also can’t seem to stay healthy and on the field. He’s never played more than 649 snaps in a season nor does he have a 1000 yard season. He’s got amazing upside and he’s a great fit in Seattle’s offense, but upside is the key word.

I think they overpaid. One of the dumbest arguments I hear is “Percy Harvin is more of a proven player than anyone at they could have taken at 25.” That’s vaguely what NFL Network’s Charles Johnson said on Path to the Draft today and it’s pretty much what a bunch of NFL fans are also saying. Yeah, no shit he’s more proven. They’re rookies. You also aren’t going to have to pay a rookie 60-80 million dollars. That’s what I’m so baffled people don’t understand. It’s not, would you rather have Percy Harvin or Cordarrelle Patterson. It’s would you rather pay Cordarrelle Patterson 7 million over 4 years or Percy Harvin 65 million over 5.

The Seahawks definitely gave up too much for Harvin if they view him as a one year rental, giving up a 1st rounder, a 7th rounder, and a mid-rounder next year (rumored to be a 3rd round pick). It doesn’t sound like that’s the case, but that brings up a different issue, how much are you going to have to pay him? One of the many reasons the Vikings parted ways with Harvin were his unreasonable contract demands. He wanted to be paid close to what Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald were getting and while it doesn’t sound like his rumored extension is going to reach that, he’ll probably end up the 3rd highest paid receiver in the NFL in the 60-65 million dollar range of 5 years and he’s just simply never proven he’s that type of player. It’s a massive risk.

Grade: C

Trade for Minnesota: I think the Vikings were the clear winners here. The last straw with Harvin was when he demanded to be traded because he thought Christian Ponder sucked. There was various other off the field things like that and frankly I don’t think Percy Harvin was a very good teammate in Minnesota. The Vikings got way more for Harvin than was originally predicted and they likely have a deal in place with a veteran receiver like Greg Jennings and they can use either the 23rd or 25th pick on a much cheaper receiver like Cordarrelle Patterson to pair with him.

Ponder’s receiving corps will be better in 2013 than 2012 I believe and the Vikings will be better off in the long run without the headache that Percy Harvin was becoming. He likely would have been gone after next season anyway, if he even had reported this season at all, so the Vikings got a good haul for him considering the circumstances. Would you rather have Percy Harvin for maybe one season (or 2/3 since he’s always hurt) or Cordarrelle Patterson for 4?

Grade: A




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