Denver Broncos sign G Louis Vasquez

I didn’t like a lot of moves today. That’s normally how the first day goes. The desperate teams make the big splash moves and don’t get any better as a result and end up cutting him 2 or 3 years into the deal, while the smart teams let things come to them once the buyers dry up on the later days of free agency and also build through the draft. However, this is one move I really liked.

Vasquez will allow the Broncos to move on from Chris Kuper, who turns 31 in December and is owed 15 million over the next 3 seasons. Kuper isn’t the same player anymore and has suffered three separate major injuries in a calendar year span. Vasquez, meanwhile, was ProFootballFocus 13th ranked guard last season and has been an above average starter in all 4 of his seasons in the league. He should have gotten a lot more than 4 years, 23.5 million with 13 million guaranteed, considering what Andy Levitre got from the Titans. I didn’t see this move coming, but at that price, why not bring him in?

Grade: A




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