Arizona Cardinals sign QB Drew Stanton

I do like the setup of this contract a lot. It’s worth 8.2 million base, but up to 20 million after incentives and only 3 million guaranteed. Basically, if he becomes a starting quarterback for them, he’ll be paid like one and if not, he’ll be paid a reasonable salary for a backup and they can always cut him one year into the deal and not owe him any more guaranteed money if they are dissatisfied.

I just don’t know how much I like Drew Stanton the player. Stanton has had chances to start games and never really impressed, even surrounded by all of that surrounding talent in Detroit. On 187 career attempts, he’s completed 55.6% of his passes for an average of 6.2 YPA, 5 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions and it’s not like he’s some young talent waiting to be tapped. He turns 28 next month and while he was a former 2nd round pick, it was in a horrible year for quarterbacks and the track record of non-1st round pick quarterbacks in the NFL is iffy at best.

He’ll make a solid backup, he knows Bruce Arians’ system, he doesn’t break the bank, and the Cardinals may have the most quarterback situation in the NFL but if the Cardinals are expecting him to be a legitimate starter, they’ll probably be disappointed. This should not deter them from restructuring Kevin Kolb’s contract, bringing in someone like Carson Palmer if he becomes available, and/or drafting a quarterback early in the draft, like Geno Smith at 7.

Grade: B




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