2013 NFL Playoff Predictions

Remember, as always, if I didn’t pick your team to make the playoffs, it’s because I am biased and/or have a personal vendetta against them. Or just click the link for an explanation.

AFC East

New England 12-4

Miami 8-8

Buffalo 6-10

NY Jets 4-12

AFC North

Baltimore 11-5

Pittsburgh 10-6

Cincinnati 9-7

Cleveland 5-11

AFC South

Houston 10-6

Indianapolis 6-10

Tennessee 5-11

Jacksonville 1-15

AFC West

Denver 11-5

Kansas City 10-6

San Diego 5-11

Oakland 1-15

NFC East

Dallas 11-5

NY Giants 9-7

Washington 8-8

Philadelphia 7-9

NFC North

Green Bay 12-4

Detroit 10-6

Chicago 9-7

Minnesota 5-11

NFC South

Carolina 12-4

New Orleans 10-6

Atlanta 8-8

Tampa Bay 6-10

NFC West

San Francisco 12-4

Seattle 11-5

St. Louis 6-10

Arizona 6-10

AFC Wild Card

#6 Kansas City at #3 Baltimore 13-23

Kansas City makes it into the playoffs with a good running game, good defense, decent quarterback, easy schedule model. Those teams never do much upon arrival. Like they couldn’t 3 years ago, I don’t expect the Chiefs to beat the Ravens, especially since they have to go to Baltimore this time.

#5 Pittsburgh at #4 Houston 20-23

Pittsburgh might be the better team, but they haven’t been a good road team over the past few years.

NFC Wild Card

#6 New Orleans at #3 San Francisco 24-31

Just like two years ago, the 49ers take down the Saints (who have never won a road playoff game in their history). The difference is no one is surprised this time around.

#5 Seattle at #4 Dallas 16-19

Seattle trailed 14-0 in Washington last season before Robert Griffin got hurt. Unless Romo gets hurt, Dallas could finish the job here. Seattle just isn’t the same team away from home.

AFC Divisional

#4 Houston at #1 New England 23-38

Different year, same result as the Patriots win a home game over an inferior opponent.

#3 Baltimore at #2 Denver 31-34

Different year, different result. I could see the Ravens winning this one again, but I’m giving the Ravens the week 1 victory. I’ll give this one to Denver.

NFC Divisional

#4 Dallas at #1 Green Bay 17-34

I don’t think anyone is going to disagree with a Green Bay win here.

#3 San Francisco at #2 Carolina 27-17

If Carolina is as good as I think they’ll be, this is going to be an interesting game, but I’ll take the experienced team.

AFC Championship

#2 Denver at #1 New England 27-31

Brady has a very strong record against Manning in his career and this game is at home for the Patriots.

NFC Championship

#3 San Francisco at #1 Green Bay 20-27

This kind of reminds me of Baltimore/New England last season. I expect Green Bay to get revenge week 1 against the 49ers for a game they have spent all off-season stewing on and then I expect the same result in the Conference Championship. It’s been over 40 years since a Super Bowl runner up has won the Super Bowl the following year and almost 20 years since one has even been back to the Super Bowl. At some point, like the Patriots before them, they’re going to get tired.

Super Bowl

#1 New England vs. #1 Green Bay 27-34

The NFC is the vastly superior conference. They went 37-26 against the AFC last year and, though the AFC won the one that counted (the Super Bowl), that’s still just one game. The Patriots could do the same thing here as the Ravens, but I’m taking the NFC representative and giving Rodgers and company their 2nd ring in 4 seasons.




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