San Diego Chargers: 2013 Week 2 NFL Power Rankings (#28)

I had the Chargers playing the overrated Texans close, as the Texans were playing in a very late game for them (from Central time) and they were missing both Antonio Smith and Ed Reed, so I’m not surprised by the final score. However, the Chargers have to be kicking themselves for letting a win slip away like that in a season where wins will still be hard to come by. After blowing a 24-0 halftime lead against the Broncos last year, blowing a 28-7 lead against the Texans has to be bringing back Vietnam flashbacks for this team. And this time around, they can’t blame Norv Turner. I don’t buy the notion that quarterbacks suddenly become worse just by the quarter changing to the 4th, but Philip Rivers’ 12 touchdown to 16 interception ratio in the 4th quarter since 2011 is concerning.

Week 1 Studs

ROLB Dwight Freeney

LOLB Jarret Johnson

FS Eric Weddle

Week 1 Duds

RT DJ Fluker

RG Jeromey Clary




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