Kansas City Chiefs: 2013 Week 4 NFL Power Rankings (#12)

Last week: 13 (-1)

Any talk that Alex Smith is better than Colin Kaepernick is absurd. Alex Smith hasn’t completed a single pass outside the hash marks longer than 10 yards downfield all season. He’s attempted just 18 of 105 passes more than 10 yards through the air and just 4 more than 20 yards through the air. He’s not getting anything out of talented outside receiver Dwayne Bowe. He’s just too easy to defend. Eventually, he’ll have to make things happen downfield and I don’t think he’s capable of doing that. He’s also yet to throw an interception on 105 attempts, something else that won’t continue. Between that and the fact that the Chiefs have recovered 85.7% of fumbles, the Chiefs’ +9 turnover margin is going to be unsustainable.

Week 3 Studs

RB Jamaal Charles

LE Tyson Jackson

LOLB Justin Houston

ROLB Tamba Hali

Week 3 Duds

QB Alex Smith

WR Dexter McCluster

RT Eric Fisher

CB Dunta Robinson




2 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs: 2013 Week 4 NFL Power Rankings (#12)

  1. I agree that the talk about him vs. Kap is absurd (although–Kap’s big play ability is undeniable, the past 3 games he’s throwing for 150 yards, and last night in a “blowout” he had a very Alex night on the stat sheet). Anyways, I agree that Kap brings a lot more to the table, but keep in mind that if just anyone could put up the number of wins and EXTREMELY low number of interceptions that Alex has put up for the past 2+ seasons, then EVERYONE would do it. People say he’s a Dilfer and compare him to past C- QB’s, but none of those guys had the turnover ratios Alex has. You don’t go #1 in the draft with a physical inability to through the deepball: for better or worse (both) he’s actively choosing to hit these receivers for short gains and trusting the run game and defense. It’s their gameplan, dude, and they win. So take your shots at his arm, sure, he’s obviously not a fantasy player, but to imply he sucks and say he’s about to become an interception machine is a stretch by a lot.


    • find where I said he sucks and is about to become an interception machine. I picked the chiefs to go 10-6 before the season. I’m just being realistic.


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