Arizona Cardinals trade OT Levi Brown to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Trade for Steelers: The Steelers clearly need left tackle help. 2012 2nd round pick Mike Adams is bombing in his first chance as a full-time starter. Only Atlanta’s tackles, Sam Baker and Lamar Holmes, have graded out worse than Adams on ProFootballFocus this season. However, Brown isn’t a significant upgrade. He currently ranks just 10 spots higher than Adams, 60th out of 72, and the 2007 5th overall pick has never resembled an NFL caliber left tackle.

Before missing the entirety of the 2012 season with injury, Brown was ProFootballFocus’ 57th ranked offensive tackle (out of 76) in 2011, 78th ranked offensive tackles (out of 78) in 2010, and 72nd ranked offensive tackle (out of 77) in 2009. He’s also very overpaid, making 4.75 million this season and 6 million in an age 30 season in 2014, though I suppose the Steelers could cut him without penalty after the season. Still, the last thing the Steelers need is another overpaid veteran. Though they’re only 2 games out of the AFC North lead, at 0-4, they are in no position to be making this type of move.

Grade: C

Trade for Cardinals: I thought the Cardinals should have cut Brown before the season because he simply wasn’t worth his salary so getting anything for him is a win, even a late round pick as the Cardinals will reportedly receive. The Cardinals are technically still in it at 2-2, but I doubt they’ll miss Brown that much. Intriguing youngsters Bradley Sowell, Nate Potter, and Bobbie Massie all have more upside than him at a cheaper rate. Sowell will get the first crack at the left tackle job with Brown gone and it’s going to be hard for him to be much worse than Brown.

Grade: A




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