Seattle Seahawks: 2013 Week 6 NFL Power Rankings (#2)

Last week: 1 (-1)

Record: 4-1

I thought when the Seahawks won in Carolina (after winning in Chicago, Washington, blowing out Buffalo, and almost winning in Atlanta late last year) that it meant the Seahawks had turned a corner on the road. However, they almost lost in Houston and then last week they did lose in Indianapolis. The Colts are a good team and there’s no shame in losing there, but I’m moving the Seahawks down, essentially from 1a to 1b to Denver’s 1a. That win in Carolina doesn’t look so impressive anymore either.

Week 5 Studs


Week 5 Duds

LT Paul McQuistan

RG JR Sweezy




8 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks: 2013 Week 6 NFL Power Rankings (#2)

  1. Seems that nobody considers that Houston is still the #1 D in the NFL and Carolina is now the #3 D.
    Indy is Top 10 in both O and D.

    You think maybe some of Seattle’s difficulty on the road is because they are playing tough Defenses?
    Especially at Houston and Indy when they are down 4 starting O-Linemen if you count the Tight End?

    And that should effect their Power Ranking. No issue with that at all. I would even be fine if NOLA, Indy and KC were ahead of them as well. But at least cover all the facts instead of the same old tired ‘Seattle struggles on the road’ line. They are 2-1 on the road against 3 Top 10 Defenses. And they should have beat Indy except for the fact that their O-line (there you go) let a Colt through to block a FG that created a 10 point swing in the game.


    • Excuse me, Indy WAS Top 10 D before the Seattle game. Seattle knocked them out of the Top 10 by hanging over 400 yards on them which was about 100 more yards than Indy gained. That is why you could say that Seattle should have won that game save for one leak in the line at the wrong time.


    • Where did I say “Seattle struggles on the road?” They wouldn’t be my #2 team if they did. I just thought they turned a corner on the road, which is why I had them #1, and they didn’t, which is why I dropped them down to #2.


  2. One other thing that I have not seen one sports writer comment on is that Seattle has not lost any game – home or road – by more than 7 points since November 5, 2011. Yes, 2011. That is consistency if there ever was any.


  3. Since when is it ever easy to win on the road in the NFL. If you travel to a top 10 team in this league most likely you are going to loose.
    GO Hawks!!!


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