Jacksonville Jaguars: 2013 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings (#32)

Last week: 32 (+0)

Record: 0-6

The Jaguars are awful, but it’s way too early to start thinking about 0-16 for them, just like it’s way too soon to start thinking about 16-0 for Denver. As we’ve seen in recent years with teams like the 2007 Dolphins or the 2010 Colts, going 16 games without a victory in the NFL is really hard. They’ll probably pull off some random upset before the season is over. Candidates include home games against Arizona, Tennessee, and Buffalo, as well as a trip to Cleveland. I wouldn’t be shocked if they beat San Diego this week, if the Chargers turn in another road dud off of a home upset, like they did after beating the Cowboys a few weeks ago.

Week 6 Studs

WR Justin Blackmon

FS John Cyprien

Week 6 Duds

LG Will Rackley




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