Kansas City Chiefs: 2013 Week 8 NFL Power Rankings (#6)

Last week: 7 (+1)

Record: 7-0

I am aware the Chiefs are the only team in the NFL who has not lost a game. If you want to see rankings were they are #1, go to espn.com/nfl/standings. I’m not interested in parroting back the standings. I’m trying to evaluate each team’s talent level and where they will end up at the end of the season. The Chiefs haven’t played anyone that good. The two toughest teams they’ve faced might be Dallas and Houston and they beat them by a point each in Kansas City. A few other top level teams haven’t played any either, but the Chiefs are not designed to beat top level teams. They are designed to win conservative games against average or worse opponents. Their turnover margin, the biggest reason why they are winning, will not continue to be this impressive against tougher opponents.

Week 7 Studs

RE Mike DeVito

Week 7 Duds

FB Anthony Sherman

RT Eric Fisher

TE Anthony Fasano




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