Washington Redskins: 2013 Week 13 NFL Power Rankings (#28)

Last week: 25 (-3)

Record: 3-8

Any talk of the Redskins benching RG3 is just absurd media sensationalism. This is what the media does. They build players up to undeservedly high levels and then destroy them when they fail to meet those expectations. RG3 isn’t even having that bad of a season, completing 59.8% of his passes for an average of 7.12 YPA, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, to go with 372 rushing yards on 70 carries. The Redskins’ offense is moving the chains at a 75% rate. The defense is a much bigger problem. For a 2nd year quarterback 10-11 months removed from an ACL tear, that’s not bad. Even Tom Brady wasn’t the same the year after his ACL tear and he had 4 extra months to recover, less dependency on athleticism, and no prior knee injury history. This is just something Griffin will have to play through. He’ll have his legs back under him by next year. Shutting him down will just delay his recovery. The Redskins still made the right choice trading for him and need to continue making the right choice by letting him play and keeping Mike Shanahan.

Week 12 Studs


Week 12 Duds

CB Josh Wilson

TE Logan Paulsen

QB Robert Griffin




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