Atlanta Falcons sign DE Tyson Jackson

I wrote in my Chiefs’ off-season preview that Tyson Jackson would be lucky if he got the 3 year 12.6 million dollar deal that the Chiefs gave teammate Mike DeVito last off-season. DeVito is a very similar player, a pure base 3-4 defensive end that excels against the run, but doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher, but the difference is DeVito has more of a proven track record. DeVito was Pro Football Focus’ 7th ranked 3-4 defensive end this season as a part-time player, including 4th against the run, while Jackson was 14th and 10th respectively in a similar role. DeVito was also in the top-10 among 3-4 defensive ends in a similar role with the Jets in 2010-2012, including top-5 positional run grade finishes in 2010 and 2011. Jackson, meanwhile, graded out positively just once from 2009-2012, after being drafted 3rd overall in 2009.

Given that, it’s pretty absurd that Jackson not only matched what DeVito got, but greatly exceeded it, signing a 5 year, 25 million dollar deal with almost as much guaranteed money ($11 million) as DeVito received in total money. That’s far too much to pay for a one-dimensional player who can’t get to the quarterback, especially one who doesn’t have a proven track record. The Chiefs seemed to wake Jackson up by slashing his salary for the 2013 season, but who is to say he doesn’t coast now that he has all this guaranteed money in his pocket and revert to the bust of a former 3rd overall pick he was from 2009-2012? Thomas Dimitroff is a great GM, but this move reeks of Scott Pioli, who was recently hired as the Falcons’ assistant general manager and who reached for Jackson with the 3rd overall pick in 2009.

Grade: C-




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