Buffalo Bills extend S Aaron Williams

So the Bills won’t give Jairus Byrd 9 million per year, but giving Aaron Williams 6.5 million is fine? This makes Aaron Williams the 11th highest paid safety in the NFL in terms of average salary. Williams, a 2011 2nd round pick, was a bust at cornerback in 2011 and 2012, grading out 87th out of 109 eligible cornerbacks in 2011 and 91st out of 113 eligible safeties in 2012. He reinvented himself as a solid safety in 2013, grading out as Pro Football Focus’ 28th ranked safety.

That being said, he’s still a one year wonder. Who is to say he doesn’t regress in 2014? Even if he doesn’t, he’s yet to prove he’s a top level safety. I find it hard to imagine anyone would find Williams to be worth 26 million or more over 4 years on the open market next off-season. Williams still had another year left on his rookie deal so I really don’t see the urgency to overpay him like this.

Grade: C-




2 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills extend S Aaron Williams

  1. The Bills could have paid Byrd ten mil. a year & he still would have signed else where. Byrd wanted OUT of Buffalo.
    I am a TRUE believer in Maroone & Whaly to bring a winning team back to Buffalo after watching their off season moves last 2 yrs. & can not wait to see what they do in the draft.We have alot of talent,now, we need to keep building thru the draft.
    Coaching makes a HUGH difference, lets see what they do this year to get us back to the playoffs & on to a very respected team like in the Super Bowl era.


    • The reason he wanted out was because they franchise tagged him and lowballed him last off-season. 9 million almost definitely would have gotten him in the gold last off-season. They might have been able to get him for 8-8.5 million last off-season as his main priority was getting paid more than the 42.5 over 5 that the Bucs gave Dashon Goldson.


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