Denver Broncos sign DE Demarcus Ware

DeMarcus Ware has had a fantastic career. From 2008-2011, he was a top-4 3-4 outside linebacker on Pro Football Focus in every season. However, he’s going into his age 32 season and he’s shown some cracks and signs of decline over the last 2 seasons. In 2012, he was “just” Pro Football Focus’ 8th ranked 3-4 outside linebacker and last season he missed the first 3 games of his career, as injuries piled up, and finished 8th among 4-3 defensive ends.

It’s really nitpicking, but he’s heading into the twilight of his career and he’s unlikely to go anywhere but down in terms of his abilities going forward. He’s still a very good pass rusher, but the Broncos are paying him here like the elite pass rusher he isn’t anymore. I was shocked to see Ware get this kind of deal going into his age 32 season, worth 30 million dollars over 3 seasons with the first two seasons at 20 million dollars guaranteed. The Broncos are guaranteeing someone 20 million for their age 32 and 33 season. No non-quarterback deserves that. If anyone comes close, it might be Ware, but he doesn’t deserve that. His average salary of 10 million yearly is 6th among defensive ends (both 4-3 and 3-4) and he’s not that caliber of a player anymore.

Grade: C+




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