Seattle Seahawks re-sign DE Michael Bennett

Every off-season it’s the same thing. Teams with bad general managers like the Vikings overpaid guys like Everson Griffen (5 years, 42.5 million), while teams with good general managers like the Seahawks are able to get guys like Michael Bennett (4 years, 28.5 million) on good values. Part of the reason why they were able to get Bennett for so cheap is because they won the Super Bowl last year and Bennett wanted to stay with a contender, but the reason they won the Super Bowl was because they were well built. This kind of thing fuels itself and the Seahawks are definitely in a good situation.

This 28.5 million dollar deal over 4 years has 16 million guaranteed. The Seahawks signed the underrated Bennett last off-season on a ridiculous 1-year, 4.8 million dollar deal and he was a big part of their Super Bowl run. He seems to be rewarding them for taking a chance of him and for the success they were able to have last season. Bennett was Pro Football Focus’ 5th ranked 4-3 defensive end last season. In 2011 and 2012, he was 7th and 7th respectively. He’s the only 4-3 defensive end to grade in the top-7 in each of the last 3 seasons. He deserves to be paid like a top-5 defensive end, but this contract is only 12th among defensive ends in average salary. This is a steal.

Grade: A




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