New York Giants sign S Stevie Brown

Stevie Brown, a 2010 7th round pick by the Raiders, played a combined 163 snaps from 2010-2011, but broke out in 2012 with the Giants, intercepting 8 passes and playing 846 snaps. He wasn’t quite as good as the 8 interceptions would suggest because you can’t go just on pure interception totals, but he was still an above average safety on Pro Football Focus, grading out as their 26th ranked safety in 2012. However, he tore his ACL and missed the entire 2013 season.

That made it very tough to value him. He’s still just a one year wonder and one whose season wasn’t as good as the 8 interceptions would have suggested and he’s coming off of a serious injury, but he’s also proven he can be an above average starting safety for a team that needs safety help with the big salaried Antrel Rolle aging and Will Hill once again in trouble. I think the Giants absolutely handled this contract situation perfectly, giving him a 1-year, 2.75 million dollar deal with another million available in incentives. This was a smart move.

Grade: A




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