Jacksonville Jaguars trade QB Blaine Gabbert to San Francisco 49ers

Trade for Jaguars: Blaine Gabbert was awful in 3 seasons with the Jaguars since being taken with the 10th overall pick in 2011, proving to be one of the biggest draft busts over the past 5 or so years. He completed 53.3% of his passes for an average of 5.61 YPA, 22 touchdowns, and 24 interceptions in those 3 seasons, a quarterback rating of 66.4. He made 27 starts over those 3 seasons and won 5 of them, going 5-22. The Jaguars were not going to keep him around going into 2014 so credit them for somehow getting a 6th round pick for him.

Grade: A

Trade for 49ers: While it was a good deal for the Jaguars somehow getting something for Gabbert, it wasn’t necessarily a bad deal for the 49ers trading for him. If it made sense for any team trading for him, they are that team. They desperately needed a backup quarterback behind Colin Kaepernick with Colt McCoy gone and McLeod Bethel-Thompson being the only other quarterback on the roster besides Kaepernick before this trade.

If anyone can get the talent out of Gabbert that got him taken 10th overall, it’s Jim Harbaugh, a known quarterback whispered. Harbaugh is known for having a history with Gabbert, as he recruited him heavily when he was the head coach at Stanford (he eventually went to Missouri) and the 49ers heavily considered drafting him 7th overall in Harbaugh’s first draft in 2011, eventually opting to go with his Missouri teammate Aldon Smith (it was a much smarter move).

The 49ers also had so many picks coming into this draft so losing a 6th round pick, worst case scenario, won’t hurt them. As bad as Gabbert is, they were unlikely to find a better backup quarterback than him in the 6th round. His 2 million dollar salary is pretty expensive for him, but they can probably restructure his contract fairly easily if he does show enough to make their roster. It’s not a terrible deal.

Grade: B




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