Customizable 2014 Fantasy Football Rankings

Download here: fantasy-football-2014


1. Enable editing on the excel sheet.

2. Input your league scoring system into the scoring settings tab (the first tab). This tab is defaulted to standard ESPN scoring settings.

3. If using non-standard scoring, go to the QB, RB, WR, and TE tabs and sort the QB and RB tabs by column H, the WR tab by column G and the TE tab by column F. Then go to the rankings tab and sort the entire thing by column C. These are your customized rankings.

4. If you disagree with any of my statistical projections on the QB, RB, WR, or TE tab, you can change them and then re-sort the rankings tab to get new rankings.

5. Unfortunately, this is not customizable for leagues with non-standard roster types (two QB, two TE, etc.). This may be coming next season.

6. No defenses or kickers are ranked. Always draft a defense in the 2nd to last round and play the matchups weekly (Philadelphia is a good draft pick because they are playing Jacksonville week 1). As for kickers, never draft one before the final round.

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