Miami Dolphins sign DT Ndamukong Suh

Suh is a fantastic football player, one of the best defensive tackles in the game, and arguably one of the best players in the NFL regardless of position. He’s been a top-4 defensive tackle on Pro Football Focus in each of the last 3 seasons, joining only Gerald McCoy as the only two players who can say that. However, there’s no way this isn’t an overpay. This deal will pay Suh 114 million dollars over 6 seasons (19 million dollars annually) with 60 million of that guaranteed. That 19 million dollar annual salary is 5th highest in the NFL regardless of position and the 4 players who make more annually than Suh will on this deal are all quarterbacks.

This is too much for any non-quarterback, except for maybe JJ Watt, but he’s on his own level. The Dolphins are paying a premium to sign Suh on the open market in a bidding war and this just simply isn’t as team friendly of a deal as the one Houston gave to Watt (6-years, 100 million with 51.8 million guaranteed) and Tampa Bay gave to McCoy (7-year, 98 million with 51.5 million guaranteed) last off-season. It’s not a terrible deal or anything, but it’s further proof that it’s always better to build through the draft and lock up your own guys than it is to build through free agency. Miami would have been better off re-signing Jared Odrick for 8 million annually and adding another top free agent to their secondary or their offensive line with the leftover money.

Grade: C+




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