San Diego Chargers re-sign CB Brandon Flowers

Flowers was Pro Football Focus’ 85th ranked cornerback out of 110 eligible in 2013, which led to his release from Kansas City, but, aside from that, he’s been one of the best cornerbacks in football over the last 6 years. From 2009-2012, Flowers graded out in the top-9 among cornerbacks on Pro Football Focus in all 4 seasons, the only cornerback in the NFL who could say that, and then he bounced back in 2014, grading out 15th with the Chargers on a one-year prove it deal.

The 5-10 189 pounder doesn’t fit every scheme and he was a horrible fit for Bob Sutton’s man press scheme in Kansas City in 2013, but San Diego clearly knows how to use him and he’s one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL when used properly. He’s only going into his age 29 season and this 4-year deal worth a total of 36 million is a very good value for him, considering Kareem Jackson got 8.5 million annually and Byron Maxwell is expected to clear 10 million annually.

Grade: A




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