Indianapolis Colts sign OLB Trent Cole

The Eagles cut Cole earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still play well. He was cut because he was owed 10.025 million in cash and the Eagles freed up 8.425 million in cap space by letting him go. Freeing up cap space has been a big theme for the Eagles in Chip Kelly’s first off-season controlling personnel and they decided they wanted to go forward with Connor Barwin, Marcus Smith, and a re-signed Brandon Graham over Cole. Cole has still graded out above average in every season of Pro Football Focus’ 8-year existence, including 7th among 3-4 outside linebackers in 2013 and 19th in 2014.

Cole takes less annually in Indianapolis on this deal, 8 million, which is more appropriate. It’s also a short-term deal, 2-years, 16 million, which is good because Cole is going into his age 33 season. Outside of 8 million in the first season, Cole isn’t guaranteed anything else in this deal and can be cut without being owed any more money next off-season if he doesn’t work out. For a Colts team that needed edge rush help, it’s a smart move.

Grade: B+




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