Jacksonville Jaguars sign OT Jeremy Parnell

In the Cowboys’ off-season preview, I mentioned that they could re-sign Parnell instead of Doug Free if they saw Pernell as a younger, cheaper option at right tackle. So much for that. Free got 15 million over 3 years from the Cowboys with 6 million guaranteed. Pernell got almost as much in guarantees as Free got in total value as this deal guarantees him 13 million and is worth a maximum value of 32 million over 5 years.

I also mentioned that Parnell could be this off-season Anthony Collins, a backup who has flashed in limited action that gets paid to be a starter somewhere this off-season. I also said that Parnell wouldn’t get as much as Collins got because his history wasn’t as clean, but Collins only got 30 million over 5 years from Tampa Bay last off-season, with nothing guaranteed beyond the first year (he was recently cut after struggling mightily in 2014).

The Jaguars have money to spend and need to spend to get to the salary floor and they had a hole at right tackle, but this is way too much money to commit to a player like Pernell who has made 7 starts in 6 years in the league since going undrafted in 2009. Five of those starts came in 2014 and he was Pro Football Focus’ 20th ranked offensive tackle despite playing just 388 snaps last year, with no one grading out better than him on fewer snaps. However, prior to 2014, Pernell had only played 294 snaps in his career combined and had never graded out above average. Given that Free got just 15 million over 3 years and Bryan Bulaga got just 33.75 million over 5 years, there’s no way this wasn’t an overpay.

Grade: D




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