Green Bay Packers re-sign OT Bryan Bulaga

Bulaga has been a starter for the Packers since they drafted him in the 1st round in 2010, making his debut as a starter in week 5 of 2010. However, despite that, he’s only made 48 starts in 5 seasons, as he’s missed 30 games with injuries over that time period, including all of 2013 with a torn ACL. When on the field, he’s been up and down. He struggled mightily as a rookie, grading out 71st out of 78 eligible in 2010, but he ranked 7th among offensive tackles on 12 starts in 2011. In 2012, he graded out below average in 9 starts before missing all of 2013, but he returned in 2014 to make 15 starts and grade out 16th among offensive tackles.

Given that, he was a very risky signing. It’s tough to know what to make of this 5-year, 33.75 million dollar deal. It’s a much better value than the 5-year, 32 million dollar deal the Jaguars gave to Jeremy Pernell and has 7 career starts this off-season, but that’s not saying much. Bulaga also probably would have gotten more money on the open market had the Packers allowed him to hit the open market, but, again that’s not really saying much. It’s not a terrible value, but it’s hard to say it’s a great move, given the level of risk involved with Bulaga.

Grade: B-




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