Jacksonville Jaguars sign DE Jared Odrick

This deal is a much better value than the 6-year, 114 million dollar deal with 60 million guaranteed that the Miami Dolphins gave to Ndamukong Suh, even for a team like Jacksonville with plenty of money to spend and the need to spend to get guys to play for a franchise that has struggled mightily in recent years. Odrick, who Suh replaces in Miami, gets 42.5 million over 5 years with 22 million guaranteed from the Jaguars. The Dolphins would have been much better off re-signing Odrick and using the additional 10 million or so annually to fill multiple other holes in their secondary and on their offensive line.

Back to the Jaguars, this is a solid value for them. Odrick has been Pro Football Focus’ 16th and 19th ranked defensive tackle over the past 2 seasons respectively. It’s a bit of an overpay for a guy whose play falls just short of elite, but it’s still a decent move. My one concern is the Jaguars will probably play Odrick at both defensive end and defensive tackle in the Red Bryant/Michael Bennett role in Gus Bradley’s Seattle style front. The Jaguars even released Bryant after making this move. Odrick has experience at both positions, but he struggled mightily early in his career as both a 3-4 and a 4-3 defensive end, including 59th out of 62 eligible 4-3 defensive ends in 2012. It’s possible those days are past him, but I like him more as a pure interior player.

Grade: B




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