New York Jets sign CB Antonio Cromartie

The Jets are partying like it’s 2011 this off-season, bringing back both Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie through free agency, a duo that played together from 2010-2012 and started all 16 for the Jets in 2011, in an effort to fix their poor secondary. Both are obviously older now, as they are both going into an age 30+ season. While I really liked the Revis more, I like this move a lot less, as the Jets gave Cromartie a 4-year, 32 million dollar deal.

Cromartie was cut by the Jets’ old John Idzik/Rex Ryan regime last off-season after a nagging hip injury caused him to grade out 102nd out of 110 eligible cornerbacks in 2013. Given that he was owed 9.5 million dollars non-guaranteed, it was absolutely the right move. The common narrative is that Cromartie, who graded out above average in every season from 2009-2012, bounced back in 2014 in his one season in Arizona under defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, who is the Jets’ new Head Coach. That’s only half true though as, while Cromartie was dominant to start the season, he was horrible in the 2nd half of the season thanks to a nagging ankle injury and ended up grading out below average overall.

Cromartie has been incredibly durable throughout his career in terms of games played as he’s missed just 1 game with injury in 9 seasons in the league, but the hip problem slowed him down significantly in 2013 and the ankle problem slowed him down significantly last season. As he goes into his age 31 season, it’s definitely a concern that his body is starting to break down. Cromartie last graded out above average in 2012 so giving him 8 million dollars annually on a 4-year deal as he heads into his age 31 season seems like an overpay.

Grade: C




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