San Francisco 49ers sign WR Torrey Smith

If you can’t beat them, take their receivers I guess. The 49ers now have both of the Ravens’ starting wide receivers from when the Ravens beat them in the Super Bowl two years ago. Torrey Smith has played all 64 games since he’s been in the NFL, starting the last 62 of them, and he’s been decently productive with 213 catches for 3591 yards and 30 touchdowns. Only going into his age 26 season, Smith is a fantastic deep threat, but he’s not particularly good at anything else. He’s still an inconsistent route runner and has caught just 117 passes within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. He’s also never graded out higher than 37th among wide receivers on Pro Football Focus in any of his 4 seasons in the league.

I expected him to be paid somewhere in the range of what Golden Tate (5-year, 31 million with 13.25 million guaranteed) and Eric Decker (5-year, 36.25 million with 15 million guaranteed) got last off-season. I also thought that either of those deals would be an overpay. Instead, Smith exceeded both of those contract, getting 40 million over 5 years with 22 million guaranteed. This is way too much money for someone of Smith’s skill set as he’s more of a complementary receiver than a #1 guy. I like the fit of Smith in San Francisco, filling a wide receiver need and complementing Colin Kaepernick’s arm strength and Anquan Boldin’s possession ability well with his speed and deep ball ability, but not at this price.

Grade: C




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