Atlanta Falcons sign DE Adrian Clayborn

Adrian Clayborn was a first round pick of the Buccaneers in 2011 and he had a decent rookie year, struggling mightily against the run, but getting good pass rush and overall grading out slightly below average on Pro Football Focus. The story of his career from there was injuries though, as he’s played just 20 games over the past 3 seasons. He missed all but 3 games in 2012 with a torn ACL, struggled mightily in his first year back in 2013, grading out 47th out of 52 eligible 4-3 defensive ends, and, just when there was optimism for his future again in 2014, he tore his biceps and missed all but 1 game. There’s still upside here and he’s a decent flier, but I don’t think the Falcons are buying quite low enough with this 1-year, 3 million dollar deal (another 1.5 million is available through incentives). If they’re expecting him to help their poor pass rush much, they’re probably going to be disappointed. Hopefully they still address this area with the 8th overall pick.

Grade: B




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