Denver Broncos sign G Shelley Smith

This isn’t the Shelley Smith who is (used to be?) an unattractive female reporter for ESPN. This is the Shelley Smith that could easily be the Broncos’ starting left guard in 2015. The Broncos aren’t paying Smith much (5.65 million over 2 years), but it’s still too much for him (especially since the Dolphins cut him this off-season to save 2.75 million) and he’s not a starting caliber player. The Dolphins signed Shelley Smith to a 2-year, 5.5 million dollar deal last off-season, but he only played 367 snaps, despite terrible play on the Dolphins’ offensive line all season. Despite holes on the offensive line, the Dolphins cut him this off-season, even though his salary wasn’t that much. That’s because Smith himself was also terrible, grading out 54th out of 78 eligible despite the limited playing time.

Smith has maxed out at 371 snaps (in 2013) and played 1098 snaps total in his 5-year career. Smith flashed in 2013 on those 371 snaps, grading out as Pro Football Focus’ 23rd ranked guard despite the limited playing time, so he’s flashed. However, in 2012, he graded out 55th out of 81 eligible on just 360 snaps and he was just a 6th round pick in 2010. He didn’t play a single offensive snap in the first 2 years of his career and, of course, he struggled last season. Broncos’ head coach Gary Kubiak was with the Texans when they drafted him in 2010 so maybe he thinks he’ll be a good fit for his blocking scheme, but the fact that he never played a snap for the Texans in 2010 and 2011 and was a final cut in 2012 suggests otherwise. Hopefully the Broncos add competition for him through the draft.

Grade: C+




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