Dallas Cowboys re-sign MLB Rolando McClain

Rolando McClain was one of the riskier signings on the open market this off-season, considering he was kicked off the team by the Raiders in 2012, has been arrested 3 times since entering the league in 2010, and was out of football entirely in 2013. However, the reward is obvious with him. Drafted 8th overall in 2010 by the Raiders, McClain came into the league with a ton of potential. McClain showed that potential early in his career, grading out above average in each of his first 3 seasons in the NFL, including 14th ranked in 2010 and 11th ranked in 2012.

The fact that he was kicked off the Raiders and was out of the league in 2013 despite all of his talent is very concerning, but McClain bounced back last season with the Cowboys, grading out 8th overall among middle linebackers. Only 26, he still has a very bright future if he can stay out of trouble off the field and with his coaches. I was expecting him to have a bigger free agent market than he did because of that. I didn’t expect anyone to guarantee him any money beyond 2015, but I expected him to get a multi-year deal. This one-year deal is worth just 3 million with another 1 million available in incentives and little guaranteed. This is about as low risk as it gets and their bet on McClain could continue paying out for the Cowboys.

Grade: A




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