New Orleans Saints extend G Jahri Evans

There was talk that the Saints would have to cut Jahri Evans to free up cap space to sign their rookie class. Evans was once one of the best guards in the NFL. From 2007-2013, he graded out in the top-30 among guards on Pro Football Focus in 7 straight years and the top-9 in 5 of those 7 years, maxing out at #1 overall in 2009. However, Evans slipped all the way to 46th out of 78 eligible in 2014 and, going into his age 32 season, didn’t seem to be worth his 7.5 million dollar salary for 2015, especially since the Saints could save 6 million dollars immediately on the cap and have him off their cap completely for 2016.

The Saints will not be doing that as this extension ensures he’ll stay a Saint, while still saving the Saints 4 million on the cap immediately. That’s the upside, the downside is Evans will still make 6 million dollars annually over the life of this contract and all money that’s paid out to him will show up on the cap at some point so he can’t be off of their cap completely for 2016. The 6 million dollar annual salary isn’t that bad, except for that the Saints guaranteed him 9.5 million so he’s assured to be on the roster for at least the next two seasons at a combined total of 12 million dollars. I understand why the Saints did this as they don’t want to keep bleeding talent and Evans could easily bounce back in 2015, but it’s risky to give a guy in his 30s off of a down year guaranteed money two years out into the future.

Grade: B-




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