Chicago Bears sign C Will Montgomery

The Bears got a little younger, a little cheaper, and a little better at center this week. They released Roberto Garza, saving them 1.1 million on the cap, replacing him with Will Montgomery, who will make just 900K in 2015. Montgomery is no spring chicken, going into his age 32 season, part of why he was available for so little, but he’s younger than Garza, who is going into his age 36 season. He’s also better, grading out 15th among centers last year, while Garza graded out 21st.

Montgomery follows new Bears head coach John Fox over from Denver, where Montgomery made 8 starts last season and he’ll presumably be the starter in Chicago this season. Given that, this is a very good value for around the veteran’s minimum, especially since Montgomery happens to be a solid player. He’s graded out 18th, 5th, 15th, and 15th among centers over the past 4 seasons combined on Pro Football Focus, making 56 starts over that time period, including 3 at left guard.

Grade: A




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