Carolina Panthers trade OLB Jon Beason to the New York Giants

Trade for Panthers: There was a time when Jon Beason was one of the better middle linebackers in football and he was given a 5 year, 50 million dollar deal with 25 million guaranteed after the 2010 season, but he missed 28 of 32 games in 2011 and 2012 with injuries and, even at just 28 years old, those injuries have sapped his ability. Upon his return this season, he was moved to a two down outside linebacker role and had his base salary restricted down to just 1 million (with incentives up to 3.25 million). After struggling to start the season, he was benched and now he has been shipped to the Giants for a late round pick. Beason wasn’t serving any purpose for them. Credit them for getting something for him, even if it was just a late round pick

Grade: A

Trade for Giants: The Giants definitely need linebacker help and they aren’t completely out of it even at 0-4 because of their division and they can cut Beason penalty free after the season. However, this move probably won’t improve them at all.

Grade: C




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