Houston Texans re-sign CB Kareem Jackson

Kareem Jackson was Pro Football Focus’ 11th ranked cornerback in 2014 and he’s not a one year wonder, because he graded out 12th among cornerbacks in 2012 as well. However, he’s graded out below average in his other 3 seasons in the NFL, including each of his first two seasons after the Texans drafted him in the first round in 2010. There’s two ways to look at this. One is to see him as an inconsistent player. The other is to see him as someone who got off to a slow start in his career, but has generally been good since then.

This deal, 34 million over 4 years, with 20 million guaranteed is about what I expected him to get this off-season, but, as I said in the Texans’ off-season preview, any deal he was going to be given this off-season was going to be a risky move. I stand by that and I would not have guaranteed him that much money. I understand why the Texans made this move and the contract wasn’t completely inappropriate or anything, but I don’t love the move because of his past inconsistencies.

Grade: B-




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